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Do you want to have a say in your dining program?
Speak with a manager in any of the locations about your comments or concerns. In addition, you can be involved in the decision making process about new meal programs and ways to improve your dining program. We value your input! Comment Cards are a quick and simple way to to make suggestions and to get your question answered.

Managers are always available during meals to help you.
Get to know your dining room managers, and feel free to share your comments, suggestions or questions. We appreciate your feedback, and want to be a part of making your dining service what you want it to be! 


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No. Reusable containers are not allowed in our traditional dining halls; all beverages within our dining spaces must be poured into a clean cup or mug every time, including refills. There are water fountain refilling stations located throughout campus for your use.

Meal Plan

We encourage all students to explore their options and make the most of their meal plans. We find that lines are typical during class breaks and peak dining hours, during the first few weeks of classes; as students are learning to navigate campus, and extracurricular activities, including labs.

  • We have three traditional dining halls, explore them all; each offers a unique menu every day, with different hours.
  • Try dining at off-peak times (if possible, visit before or after class breaks, consider an early or later evening meal).
  • Take a meal to-go from the dining hall with EcoWare.
  • Utilize your Retail Points to dine at one of our retail locations located on campus; these locations offer a variety of options, including grab-and-go. 
  • Take advantage of our Meal Exchange Program.
  • Visit all three traditional dining halls, students have access to all of them, and each serves a different menu at each station daily. 
  • Use your Retail Points that come with your meal plan; they offer additional flexibility and variety. 
  • Take advantage of the Meal Exchange Program; visit Dining Updates to learn more about the program.
  • Download the Everyday app from your favorite app store to view menus and place orders to-go. 
  • Take advantage of our EcoWare, reusable take-out container program; visit to learn more.
  • Follow us on social media @UVMdining or check out our digital screens to learn about our themed events, food fests, pop-ups, and more!
Yes! You can switch your meal plan within the first 2 weeks of each semester. Visit our Dining Plan Options page to view what options are available  and their associated cost. Once you know the meal plan you want to change to, you must complete a Meal Plan Switch Form in the Housing Portal.

Yes, on or off-campus students may add Retail Points to your account via our Shop page . These points will be added to a separate plan. If you have questions, please email us Retail Points purchased Monday - Friday before 4:00 PM will be added the same day. For any orders after 4:00 PM, they will be added the next business day.

Retail Points that come with your meal plan expire at the end of the academic year; our system will automatically deduct those points first. Visit the Webcenter to check your Retail Point balance. Once you use up all the original Retail Points that come with your meal plan, the system will automatically pick from the next available plan.

Many off-campus students eat one or more of their meals on-campus each day. When eating at our Retail locations, our Off Campus/ Commuter Meal Plan will save you time and money.

  • View all Dining Plan Options, here.
  • Looking to purchase an Off-Campus/Commuter Meal Plan? Meal plans can be purchased online
  • If you have questions, please email us
Check your account balance online by registering with CatCard's Office Webcenter.
Any unused Retail Points that came with your on-campus student meal plan as part of the housing and meal contract will carry over from the fall semester to the spring semester. However, they do not carry over at the end of the academic year and are non-transferable and non-refundable. Any additional Retail Points added to your on-campus student meal plan are yours until the balance is used.

The Meal Exchange is available to on campus-students only to use up to two Meal Swipes per week Monday - Friday in a retail location

  • Meal Exchanges are when a Meal Swipe is allowed to be used in a retail location for an entrée, side and a beverage. 
  • Refer to signage inside each location to learn about what entrees and sides are included. 
  • These can be used twice a week, Monday-Friday. 
  • Redstone residents will receive an additional three to be used at Redstone Market. 
  • Meal Exchange Swipes reset every Monday and do not roll over week to week. 
  • Use them at the following locations and times: 
    • Green Roof Deli (Lunch, M-F & Dinner, M-Th) 
    • The Marketplace (Breakfast & Lunch)
    • Redstone Market (Lunch) 
    • University Marché (Lunch & Dinner)

Trinity Campus Residents may use one meal swipe, per meal period, at Northside Dining, for a choice of five items (limited to one entrée). 

Students may dine-in or take a meal to go. This dining hall offers select hot entrée options at breakfast, dinner, and brunch on the weekends, a self-service deli, salad bar, soups, and snacks. There is a Simple Zone at this location.


We are committed to having safe options for a student with food allergies, intolerance, and other medical needs. We have a variety of food allergy stations available on-campus and a Registered Dietitian that meets with students to ensure their needs are being met. For more information, visit our Nutrition section.

Yes. We pride ourselves on the variety of vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based dining options that we offer. We have dedicated plant-forward station, Grown Central Campus Dining, Redstone Dining, and Harris Millis Dining). Most on-campus locations use vegetarian/vegan/plant-based logos on menus and signage to help consumers identify foods that meet their preferences. Plus, we continually develop new plant-based recipes and train our culinary team, to help ensure that our offerings are not only nutritionally balanced, but they also taste great. 

  • Vegetarian (V) = no meat products
  • Vegan (VG) = no meat or animal by-products, including white sugar and honey
  • Plant-based (leaf logo) = no meat or animal by-products, but can include white sugar and honey

If you are in your ResHall sick or injured and unable to go to a dining facility, you can authorize a friend to use your meal plan to pick up a meal for you by completing the Meal Plan Access Authorization Form. Meals can be picked up from the traditional dining halls (Central Campus Dining, Harris Millis Dining, and Redstone Dining), and Northside Dining.


In the Traditional Dining Halls

Please note that using our EcoWare program is the only way to take food out of the traditional dining halls. The use of personal Tupperware containers is not allowed. Per the Vermont Department of Health, reusable containers must be washed and sanitized by Dining Services to ensure food safety. 

  1. Give your EcoWare cow tag to the cashier and ask for an EcoWare container (a flat box or soup container). If you'd like to also dine-in, please inform the cashier, and they will have you swipe for that meal too.
  2. Fill your EcoWare with food from the dining hall (we just ask that it closes).
  3. Leave the dining hall and enjoy your meal.
  4. Empty (and if possible, rinse) and return your dirty EcoWare container to any EcoWare return bin located in most dining locations. You will receive a new cow tag (or container if you are ready for another meal to-go). 
  5. Repeat to continue to participate in the program.

In the Retail Locations

Opt for your meal to be served in EcoWare (where available). It's good for the environment and your wallet!

  1. Give your EcoWare cow tag to the cook/server and ask for your meal to be served in EcoWare. Unfortunately, this option is not available on our mobile app.
  2. Save 25 cents at the register.
  3. Enjoy your meal.
  4. Return your dirty container to an EcoWare return bin located in most dining locations, and you will receive a new cow tag. 
  5. Repeat to continue to participate in the program.
No. The only way you can take a meal out of the dining hall is by using the EcoWare program. Due to health and safety requirements, the UVM Dining staff is required to clean and sanitize all reusable containers.

All first-year and transfer students will receive one complimentary EcoWare membership (cow tag) to participate in the program. Cow tags can be picked up at the EcoWare tabling events in the dining halls for the first few weeks of school or anytime at a UVM Dining cash register. If you lose your EcoWare cow tag or container, you will need to buy back into the program for $7.50, payable with Retail Points, Cat$cratch, or credit/debit at the register. 

You will only swipe once if you take an EcoWare meal to-go. This is used for tracking purposes and will deduct a meal from your account. If you'd also like to dine-in, please inform the cashier, and they will have you swipe again for that meal (a total of two swipes).

There are no longer EcoWare return bins in the residence halls. There are blue EcoWare return bins located in the following cashier stations:

  • Central Campus Dining
  • Harris Millis Dining
  • Redstone Dining
  • The Marketplace
  • University Marche
We welcome refillable mugs up to 24 ounces in our UVM Dining retail locations (but not traditional dining halls). Save 25 cents off the price of a large coffee when you use your mug!

UVM Dining is committed to serving local and regional food on campus wherever and whenever possible.  We do this through Vermont First, a first of its kind program committing Sodexo to increase local purchasing across its Vermont institutional markets. 

Since its inception, our aim has been to grow market opportunity for local producers, stimulate job growth, and ensure the viability of Vermont’s working lands. We do this through strategic purchasing shifts, collaboration with stakeholders, increasing consumer awareness, and training and enabling our operators to implement Vermont First objectives. Vermont First has been recognized as a best practice in farm to institution work for its transparent, rigorous tracking system and strategic alignment of institutional purchasing needs with local supply. Explore our site to learn more:

Compost: food scraps & napkins Our local compost facility DOES NOT ACCEPT compostable packaging. 
Recycle: clean, empty cans, bottles, plastic packaging 
Landfill: compostable packaging, black plastic, disposable coffee cups/straws/utensils, food wrappers
Learn more about our waste reduction programs.