Today's hours:

Northside Dining is a micro market, offering a select hot breakfast items (Monday - Friday and on weekends till 2:30 PM), and a daily hot dinner menu item plus. You will enjoy waffles, reheatable entrees, yogurts, fruit, sandwiches, salads, snacks, coffee, beverages, and more! To enter use one Meal Swipe or pay the door price with Retail Points or debit/credit card, then select up to five items (limited to one entrée) available once per meal period.

Signature Station: Simple Zone is a self-service pantry free of gluten, peanuts and tree nuts with dedicated equipment for self-prep.

Take 5 Program: Use 1 Meal Swipe you can take 5 items. These 5 items can be 1 entrée, 3 sides/snacks and 1 drink.

Accepted Tender:

The following tenders are accepted: a Meal Swipe or Retail Points, CAT$cratch and Credit/Debit by paying the door price:


  • Breakfast 7.50
  • Brunch 10.10
  • Dinner 12.40