Fall 2020 - Opening

Welcome! UVM Dining has always prioritized the health and safety of our guests and staff. Keeping with recent changes, we are implementing new standards and technology which adhere to the Vermont Department of Health regulations, the University’s Green and Gold Promise and Our Common Ground. Please understand that there may be modifications to these practices and refer back often for updates. 

  • Face coverings are required until you sit down to dine.
  • Wash your hands often and/or use hand sanitizer.
  • Please do not enter campus facilities if you feel sick.
  • Follow physical distancing guidelines: Floor decals, directional arrows and other visuals will be in place to assistance with spacing and flow. Tables and chairs will be re-configured to abide by physical distancing requirements.
  • Maximum occupancy limits will be monitored.
  • Please no lingering in the dining spaces after you have dined.
  • High-touch areas will be cleaned frequently: all four dining halls will close for one hour between meals to sanitize spaces. 
  • Additional plexiglass partitions installed at cashier stations and counter tops.
  • Mobile food ordering through our Bite Universities app will provide convenience and touchless payment in our retail locations and traditional dining halls; download today.
  • Our traditional dining halls are for dine-in with occupancy limits or to-go through our mobile food ordering app, Bite Universities.
  • For increased flexibility, we have eliminated the 2-hour delay for breakfast and lunch Monday - Friday; you can use up to two meal swipes for either dine-in, mobile ordering or combination. The two hour delay will remain for dinner and on the weekends. Below are the meal start times for each Dining Hall:
    • Central Campus Dining -Breakfast 7:30A  |  Lunch 11:30A  |  Dinner 4:30P
    • Harris Millis Dining - Breakfast 7:30A Lunch 10:30A Dinner 3:30P
    • Northside Dining - Breakfast 7:30A |  Lunch 10:30A  |  Dinner 4:20P
    • Redstone DiningBreakfast 7:30A  |  Lunch 11:30A  | Dinner 4:20P
  • Self-service areas will become served stations, with the exception of beverage options. Only single-use cups can be used; no refilling of reusable mugs for coffee, hot water, fountain beverages or water in the dining halls.
  • The University Marché will feature three new stations serving burritos and tacos, Asian-inspired cuisine and sushi. Visit fan favorites like the bagel station and Sprout, our dedicated vegan station.
  • Cyber Cafe, Brennan's, Waterman Café, and Waterman Manor will be closed due to occupancy needs and programming for fall semester. 
  • Campus Perk and New World Tortilla are mobile food ordering only.
All dining staff will be in compliance with Vermont Department Health and the UVM Return to Campus Guidelines.
  • Dining staff will participate in daily wellness checks.
  • Stations will be attended by staff members wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and masks. 
  • Enhanced hand-washing procedures will be in place and gloves will be changed frequently. 
  • Dining staff will follow enhanced cleaning procedures.
  • Six foot physical distancing workstations within kitchens and prep areas.
  • Simple Servings and Four, our food allergen entrée stations, will continue to serve meals to students. 
  • MyZone, our gluten, peanut and tree nut-free pantry areas, will no longer be self-service, they will be served to you and available in all of our traditional dining halls. Learn more about MyZone at each dining hall on our 'Nutrition' section.
  • We encourage students with special dietary needs to connect with our Registered Dietitian Alexandra.Duquette@uvm.edu to learn more about offerings and set up additional accommodations.

First-time, first-year students will begin on the Unlimited Access Meal Plan. All students have the ability to switch meal plans during the first two weeks of each semester. This must be completed by February 1, 2021 for the spring semester. Learn more about our Unlimited Access Plan, Flex Plan and Retail Point Plan.

For students staying on-campus during Thanksgiving Break starting Wednesday, November 25 - Sunday, November 29, Harris Millis Dining, located on Athletic Campus, will be open; see hours below. Student meal plan "Meals" can be used during the break. If you need "Meals" or have any questions about dining or your meal plan, email us at MPO@uvm.edu prior to break. View all Thanksgiving Break Week Hours

Harris Millis Dining 

  • 7:30AM - 9:30AM
  • 10:30AM - 2:00PM
  • 5:00PM - 7:00PM

Wondering what dining locations will be open Monday, November 30 - Friday, December 11; see locations and hours below. View all End of Semester Hours

Harris Millis Dining

Monday - Friday

  • 7:30AM - 3:30PM
  • 4:30PM - 8:30PM 
  • (Note: on Friday, December 11 Harris Millis Dining will close at 7:00PM)
Saturday - Sunday
  • 9:00AM - 1:30PM
  • 2:30PM - 8:00PM

University Marche

  • 8:00AM - 9:00 (daily) 
  • Note: on Friday, December 11 the University Marche will close at 7:00PM
Given Bistro
  • 7:30AM - 1:30PM (Monday-Friday)

If you have any questions about dining or your meal plan, please email us at MPO@uvm.edu.

Any student living on-campus starting  Saturday, December 12 - Monday, January 18 is required to participate in a minimum meal plan. The Winter Break Meal Plan offers 56 "Meals" which, can be used at Harris Millis Dining. Harris Millis is scheduled to be open for Brunch and Dinner 7-days per week; closed December 25, 2020 and January 1, 2020. 

If you receive emergency Winter Break housing, costs will be billed directly to your student account for both housing and for the minimum meal plan. Additional "Meals" may be purchased in the Blocks of eight by visiting Dining Plans

Note all Winter Break Meal Plan "Meals" end Monday, January 18, 2021 and do not carry over. Spring Semester Meal Plans begin Tuesday, January 19, 2021. View all Winter Break Hours

Harris Millis Dining

  • 10:30AM - 1:00PM
  • 5:00PM - 6:30PM 
If you have any questions regarding dining during Winter Break, please direct all questions to MPO@uvm.edu, as we will be checking it regularly. 

For the health and safety of our community, while in exposure quarantine or isolation due to symptoms, students will not be allowed to go to the dining hall for meals. During this time, students will receive meals and beverages delivered to their residence hall. All meals and snacks will be deducted from their meal plan; there is no additional charge. 

Dining Services will accommodate food preferences (for example, vegetarian/vegan) as well as food allergies/intolerances and special dietary needs. This information will be collected by the UVM COVID Center and communicated to UVM Dining. If you have any questions or concerns about meals in quarantine or isolation please contact the UVM Dining Dietitian at Alexandra.Duquette@uvm.edu.

Learn more about UVM's policies and procedures about exposure quarantine.

While we have increased take-out options to accommodate occupancy limits, we are also committed to reducing plastic packaging, minimizing our impact on the environment. We have invested heavily in our EcoWare carryout program, purchasing new reusable containers, expanding the program’s pick up locations and removing any barriers to participation. In order to keep this option available, we must have these containers returned regularly. 

• All four dining halls (Central Campus, Harris Millis, Northside and Redstone Dining) will be either dine-in (with occupancy limits) or take-out using EcoWare through our mobile food ordering app.  

  • EcoWare is available 7-days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. 
  • No membership required. 
  • EcoWare is approved by the Department of Health and properly sanitized by Dining. 
  • Return dirty containers promptly to any dining facility or designated drop off location. 
  • EcoWare will also be available in our retail locations.
Check out our FAQ's section of our website for questions regarding fall dining 2020 and meal plans.

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