UVM Dining has always prioritized the health and safety of our guests and staff. We adhere to the Vermont Department of Health regulations, the University’s Green and Gold Promise and Our Common Ground. Please understand that there may be modifications; refer back often for updated guidelines and info. 

We will be updating this section throughout the summer so check back often for the most current information and guidelines. Our traditional dining halls are: Central Campus, Harris Millis, and Redstone Dining
  • Meals, Retail Points, CAT$cratch, Credit and Debit cards (no cash) are accepted in our traditional dining halls; all forms of payment including cash, are accepted in our retail locations.  
  • No outside food or beverages are allowed into our traditional dining halls.
  • Our traditional dining halls are for dine-in (or a meal to-go once per meal period, meal periods start at the following times): 
    • Breakfast opening till 11:00AM 
    • Lunch starts at 11:00AM
    • Dinner starts at 4:30PM
    • Weekend Continental Breakfast at Central Campus opening till 11:00AM followed by Brunch 
    • Weekend Continental Breakfast at Redstone Dining opening till 10AM followed by Brunch
    • Weekend Brunch starts at 10AM at Harris Millis 
  • All traditional dining halls will close for one hour between lunch and dinner at the following times:  
    • Central Campus Dining: 3:30PM - 4:30PM
    • Harris Millis Dining:3:30PM - 4:30PM
    • Redstone Dining: 2:30PM - 3:30PM
  • Our dining stations will be both full-service and self-service; as a reminder all students must bring a clean plate or cup to the station with each visit.
  • There is no refilling of personal beverage containers in the traditional dining hall locations; water refilling stations are located around campus. As of spring 2022, we welcome refillable mugs up to 24 ounces in our UVM Dining retail locations only. Save 25 cents off the price of a large coffee when you use your own mug! 
  • Service animals allowed, no pets.
  • We ask you limit your purchases to $50 per transaction ($150 per day); please budget accordingly.
  • Shoes and Shirt required.
  • Green Roof Deli featuring sandwiches and wraps will reopen at The Davis Center Marketplace, second floor, replacing Kalamata. 
  • Northside Dining will feature a hot dinner option (seven days a week) and a hot breakfast option on the weekend 9:30AM - 2:30PM. Northside Dining will close daily 2:30PM - 3:30PM.  
  • Waterman Cafe and Waterman Manor will remain closed for spring 2022 semester.
  • Stay tuned, more coming soon!

We're hosting a local restaurant or food truck at Brennan's on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11A - 3P. Join us for these two-day pop-up events for an additional lunchtime option. Please check out the dates/times and menus below. Retail Points, CAT$cratch, and Debit/Credit cards accepted. 

  • Feb 8 and 9 - Cafe Saint Paul - 11A - 3P - menu
  • Feb 15 and 16 - Church Street Cheesesteaks - 11A - 3P - menu
  • Feb 22 and 23 - Farmers and Foragers 11A - 3P - menu
  • March 15 and 16 - Cafe Saint Paul - 11A - 3P - menu
  • March 22 and 23 - Farmers and Foragers - 11A - 3P - menu
  • March 29 and 30 - Church Street Cheesesteaks - 11A - 3P - menu
  • April 5 and 6 - Farmers and Foragers - 11A - 3P
  • April 12 and 13 - Southern Smoke - 11A - 3P 
  • April 19 and 20 - The Rollin' Rooster - 11A - 3P - menu
  • April 26 and 27 - Farmers and Foragers - 11A - 3P
We encourage students with special dietary needs to connect with our Registered Dietitian Ania Egan, MS, RD to learn more about offerings and set up additional accommodations.
  • Your CatCard is for your own personal use only. 
  • All students have the ability to switch meal plans (form in quick links) during the first two weeks of each semester. For spring semester this must be completed by January 31, 2022 by 4PM. Learn more about our Unlimited Access Plan, Flex Plan and Retail Point Plan.
  • Meal Exchange starts Monday, January 24 at The Davis Center Marketplace (breakfast and lunch) and The University Marche (lunch and dinner). The Meal Exchange allows up to two "Meal" swipes per week available Monday - Thursday. One Meal swipe equals a featured entree, one side and one beverage. (Guest meals not valid. The two "Meal" swipes will reset every Monday; they do not roll over week to week). Please refer to signage located inside the dining location for what items are available through the Meal Exchange program.
    • Meal Exchange Hours: Breakfast 8AM - 10:30AM; Lunch 11AM - 3PM; Dinner 5PM - 9PM.
    • When using your Meal Exchange at the University Marche select your lunch entree from Picante (Monday - Thursday) or Wonton (Tuesday - Thursday). At Dinner select your entree from Picante or the Hot Entree Station (Monday - Thursday). You will pick up your side and cup for a fountain beverage from the cashier. Please inform your cashier you are using a "Meal" vs your retail points. 
    • When using your Meal Exchange at The Marketplace. Select your breakfast option from 590 Main (breakfast sandwich or breakfast bowl) and your side homefries or a piece of whole fruit. Your breakfast beverage options include a small coffee, small tea, small hot cocoa or a orange juice (10oz). At lunch select your entree from one of the following stations: Rustic Roots, 590 Main, Green Roof Deli, Spice or a small soup and prepared side salad combo. Choose one of the sides indicated throughout the dining location. Lunch beverage options include small coffee, small tea, small hot cocoa or a fountain beverage.

We are committed to reducing single-use packaging, minimizing our impact on the environment. We have invested heavily in our EcoWare carryout program, purchasing new reusable containers. To keep this option available, we must have these containers returned regularly. EcoWare is approved by the Department of Health and properly sanitized by UVM Dining.

How it works?

Our traditional dining halls are either dine-in or for a meal to-go using EcoWare (once per meal period)

  • Give your EcoWare token to the cashier and ask for an EcoWare container (a flat box or soup container). If you would like to also dine-in, please inform the cashier, and they will have you swipe for that meal. 
  • Fill your EcoWare with food from the dining hall (we ask it close).
  • Leave the dining hall and enjoy your meal. 
  • Empty (and if possible, rinse) and return your dirty EcoWare container to an EcoWare return bin located in most dining locations. You will receive a new token (or container if you are ready for your next to-go meal).
  • Repeat to continue to participate in the program.

In the Retail Locations (Choose to ReUse)

Opt for your meal to be served in EcoWare (where available). It's good for the environment and your wallet.

  • Give your EcoWare token to the cook/server and ask for an EcoWare container (a flat box or soup container).
  • Save 25 cents at the register.
  • Enjoy your meal.
  • Return your dirty EcoWare container to an EcoWare return bin, located in most dining locations, and you will receive a new token.
  • Repeat to continue to participate in the program.

Sporks, reusable utensils are available to purchase in our retail locations; choose to reuse to get a 5 cent discount off your next meal at the register.

UVM Dining will provide dining options for students that go into on-campus quarantine/isolation. Students will pick up their meals and snacks in a pantry area set up on the first floor of Jeanne Mance, for the duration of their isolation/quarantine period. This space will be open 24/7 to provide convenience and flexibility to students. 

The pantry will offer a variety of breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, and re-heatable entrees. A variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten/nut free items will be available as part of the standard options. Beverages, snack items and k-cup coffee and tea will also be available. Wondering what's for dinner; to access, click on the "lunch" tab and scroll down to "Quarantine" to view online.

Check out our FAQ's section of our website for questions regarding the dining program including meal plans.