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First Time, First Year Students

Meal Plans 

All First-Time, First-Year students living on-campus during their first semester must choose from one of our two Unlimited Access Meal Plans.


The "Unlimited Access" Plans offer unlimited entry into our four "all you care to eat" dining halls: Central Campus Dining, Harris Millis Unlimited, Northside Dining, and Redstone Unlimited. Each "Unlimited Access" Plan includes an option for 325 or 100 retail points per semester, plus guest meals and access to our Eco-Ware Resident Take-out program:

  • Unlimited Access + 325 Retail Points + Six Guest Meals = $2383 per semester
  • Unlimited Access + 100 Retail Points + Three Guest Meals = $2133 per semester

Unused Retail Points

Unused retail points will carry over from fall to spring semester as long as the plan holder maintains a resident meal plan. Any retail points not used by May 10, 2019 will expire and are non-refundable. A retail point is valued at one dollar. 

If your meal plan contract is cancelled at any time, you no longer have access to Meals or unused Retail Points. 

How Do I Sign-Up for My Meal Plan?

You will select and sign-up for your Resident Meal Plan as part of the Housing and Meal Plan Contract. During orientation we will be presenting our meal plans and other dining information. Prior to attending Orientation check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I Change My Meal Plan?

Fall semester, First Time, First Year students can only switch to the other Unlimited Access Plans during the meal plan switch period. Spring semester as a First Time, First Year student if you feel the meal plan you selected on your housing contract is not meeting your needs, you can change meal plans to the other Unlimited Access Plan or the Retail Point Plan during the meal plan switch period

Meal Plan Requirements

All residential students are required to have a meal plan for the term of their nine-month contract. Our residential facilities are not equipped to provide individual meal preparation, and our dining locations provide a variety of menu options. Students with specific meal related concerns are able to receive Individual Menu Planning directly with a Registered Dietitian from UVM Dining. 

Releases from meal plans are at the sole discretion of the University’s Dean of Students Office.

Eco-Ware Container Program

Eco-Ware is the name of our reusable container program on campus. The Eco-Ware Resident Take-Out program allows you to bring food out of the dining hall with you in a reusable container (Eco-Ware) if you do not have time to sit down for a meal. Eco-Ware is accepted in our unlimited dining for breakfast and lunch only. Each incoming First Time, First Year student will be issued a complementary Eco-Ware membership and further instructions about the program will be given at that time. 

Have Additional Questions?

Feel free to E-mail or call our Meal Plan Office at (802) 656-2945. Again, Welcome to UVM! We look forward to serving you!

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