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Your local and organic dining destination featuring breakfast all-day, local burgers, hand-cut fries, classic sandwiches, sensational salads and milkshakes too! 

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Davis Student Center, 590 Main Street | (802) 656-3081


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Buttermilk Pancakes  6.49 (810 cal.)
with local Butter & Vermont Maple Syrup (from UVM)

Add: Blueberries (25 cal.) or Chocolate Chips (280 cal.)  1.00

Farmers Breakfast  6.49 (670 Cal.)
Two Cage-Free Eggs (Scrambled or Over-Easy/Med/Hard) & organic Toast with local Butter & local Homefries

Brennan's Veggie Hash  6.59 (630 Cal.)
Organic Kale, Parsnips, Carrots, Onions & local Potatoes topped with Cage-Free Eggs & Hollandaise Sauces served with local Homefries & local Toast 

The Breakfast Sandwich  7.99 (740-760 cal.)
Cage-free Eggs, local Cheddar with choice of local Bacon or Veggie Sausage on a toasted local Roll served with local Homefries

Huevos Rancheros  7.99  (640 cal.)
Two Eggs, local Cheddar, local Black Beans, Frank's Hot Sauce & Salsa Verde over a local Tortilla with Homefries 

-Add: local Bacon (90 cal.) 1.50  |  Veggie Sausage (140 cal.) 1.50 
local Homefries (190 cal.) 1.50


House Salad  6.59 (45 cal.)
Mesclun Greens with organic Vegetables (Carrots, Cucumbers & Cherry Tomatoes)

Vermont Roots Salad  6.59 (460 cal.)
Roasted Red & Golden Beets, Vermont Chevre, Red Onion & Candied Walnuts with
Baby Spinach

Caesar Salad  7.29 (160 cal.)
Organic Kale, Pecorino Romano, Tomato & Onion with Housemade Croutons

The Farmer  7.29 (260 cal.)
Shredded organic Kale & Spinach with House-Roasted Corn & Feta Salad

-Add: Murray's Marinated Grilled Chicken 3.99 (300 cal.) 
Local Cheddar  1.00 (100 cal.) | Salmon Burger 4.99 (300 cal.) 
Quinoa Patty 3.99 (140 cal.)

Served with a Petite House Salad (25 cal.), Potato Chips (310 cal.) or
local Hand-Cut Fries (450 cal.)

-Substitute for any side 1.59 | Gluten-free bread available upon request

Great Grains Wrap  7.99 (420 cal.)
Marinated Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables, Tabbouleh, Red Onion & Tomato in
a Wheat Wrap
Add: Feta (150 cal.) 1.00

Vermonter Wrap  9.99 (890 cal.)
Roasted local Turkey, Cranberry Mayo, sliced Apple, local Cheddar, local Bacon & Lettuce in local Whole Wheat Tortilla

Salmon Burger  9.99 (740 cal.)
Sustainable Salmon with organic Greens, organic Pickled Red Onions & Tomato topped with Lemon Dill Aioli in a local Roll

Served with a Petite House Salad (25 cal.), local Hand-Cut Fries (450 cal.) or
Potato Chips (310 cal.)
-Substitute any side for 1.59

Veggie Quesadilla  7.99 (750 cal.)
Local Black Beans, Roasted Corn, organic Spinach & local Cheddar in a local Whole Wheat Tortilla

The Original Quesadilla  6.99 (670 cal.)
Local Whole Wheat Tortilla loaded with local Cheddar

-Add Murray's Chicken 1.50 (300 cal.)

Chicken Tenders
All Natural Coleman's Chicken breaded in Cornmeal with your choice of Sauce

Caprese Panini 8.99 (660 cal.)
Organic Spinach & Tomatoes with local Mozzarella, Pesto and Balsamic Reduction on local Bread

Italian Panini  9.99 (1150 cal.)
Salami, Smoked Ham, Provolone, Cherry Peppers, Tomato, Lettuce, Onion, Roasted Garlic Aioli on Toasted local Bread

Spaghetti & Meatballs  7.99 (910 cal.)
Spaghetti with Housemade local Beef Meatballs with Marinara, Pecorino Romano,
Fresh Basil & local Garlic Bread

Chicken Burrito  9.99 (910 cal.)
Shredded Murray's Chicken, local Black Beans, local Cheddar, Roasted Corn with Housemade Pico de Gallo & Frank's Hot Sauce in a local Wheat Tortilla 

Served on an local Roll (140 cal.) with House Salad (25 cal.), local Hand-cut Fries (450 cal.) or Potato Chips (310 cal.)

-Substitute any side for 1.59

Choose Your Patty 8.99 (910 cal.)
Grass-fed Beef (430 cal.) | Murray's Marinated Chicken (300 cal.)
Housemade Quinoa (140 cal.)

with Cheese 9.99 (110 cal.)
Local Cheddar (110 cal.) | Boggy Meadow Swiss (100 cal.)

Toppings 8.99 (0-85 cal.)
Organic Lettuce | Tomato | Organic Red Onion | Pickles
Jalapenos | Organic Pickled Red Onion

BBQ (30 cal.) | Frank's Hot Sauce (0 cal.) | Sriracha Aoli (180 cal.)

-Add: Fried Egg 1.50 (80 cal.) | Guacamole 1.50 (80 cal.) | local Bacon 1.50 (90 cal.)

Hours of Operation

Week of: 03/12/2018 - 03/18/2018

Monday - Sunday: Closed

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